Here's some of the projects I've developed while at KSU:

Emmaus House-Poverty Rights Office-Peoplestown Documentation Project
Launched in January 2009, this project preserves community narratives and stories so as to document, interpret, and detail the impact of Emmaus House and the Poverty Rights Office (now the Lokey Center) as a center of community empowerment within the context of the social and cultural history of the Peoplestown and the surrounding area. 

The Housing Projects
Launched in January 2008, The Housing Projects facilitates research, analysis, and interpretation of metropolitan housing and cultures; fosters undergraduate research, collaborative and community-based inquiry; and assesses learning and professional outcomes of undergraduate research in the humanities.

Taking Place
Taking Place I: A Community Examination of its Place, a radio documentary project, examined the history, culture, and community of northwest Georgia.

The Summer Hill Project
From January 2003 to June 2005, the Summer Hill Project documented and interpreted the history and culture of Summer Hill, an historically African American neighborhood that formed just outside of downtown Cartersville in the late 1800s.